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DC Office of Tax and Revenue

RBG, in collaboration with KPMG, supported the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) in the launch of its new Modernized Integrated Tax System (MITS)/GenTax, which replaced the legacy system and supported all of the essential functions of tax administration and compliance. Over a four-year period, OTR integrated income, withholding, corporate and unincorporated franchise, sales and use, estate, specialized sales and street vendor/mobile food services taxes into the new system. The implementation also included the online tax portal,, which provides a new level of taxpayer self-service for filing, payment and business registration. OTR engaged RBG’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Business Process Re-Engineering teams to create a comprehensive strategy to mitigate risks and realize the benefits of the MITS. The comprehensive tax software system meant significant change for OTR employees, and RBG provided critical support to staff as they learned to adapt to the new system.

RBG was tasked with auditing OTR’s Compliance Division. In addition to the audit, RBG determined how MITS would be utilized throughout the agency. RBG detailed business and technology risk factors, integration management, KPIs and SOP alignment, and research and benchmarking against cities of similar financial strength. With the completion of the project, more than 20 tax types and fees -- from cigarette taxes to ballpark fees to motor vehicle fuel taxes -- administered by OTR were shifted to the new system, and OTR's workforce was prepared for the significant operational change thanks to the efforts of the RBG team.

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