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DC Department of Healthcare Finance

The District of Columbia Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF) has been committed to providing high quality, responsive service to DC residents, particularly in its management of records for DHCF and the DC General Hospital (DCGH). The work that DHCF has done to make confidential resident and District-owned medical, historical, and operational-based records available, secure, and accessible speaks volumes to this mission. RBG’s quality of work, credibility, professionalism, responsiveness, and client service made RBG a perfect partner for DHCF in organizing and processing medical, historical, and operational records that originated at DCGH. Additionally, our team maintained, collected, and securely transferred records data to DHCF databases, and we led the transfer of custody of the physical District-owned records to the Federal Records Center and the DC Archives. The RBG team also remediated unclean DHCF records and processed all records once they were fully cleaned. Adhering to a strict timeline, and working on budget, RBG worked with DHCF in locating all records at DCGH and provided analysis on location, environment, and record recovery analytics.

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