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City of Richmond, Virginia

The City of Richmond Council engaged Accenture and RBG to review its organizational structure, policies, operating procedures, and statutory requirements and then identify opportunities to improve City services, promote efficiencies, and achieve more cost-effective utilization of City financial resources. RBG and Accenture conducted wideranging research of the current state of City operations, interviewing stakeholders, analyzing data, and benchmarking City activities and deliverables. RBG’s work methodology, credibility, professionalism, responsiveness, and client service made RBG a perfect partner for the City in its efforts to professionalize operations.

RBG has a history of working cooperatively and leading diverse teams on projects that require a deft hand at managing expectations and operations. RBG was the ideal candidate to work with Accenture on behalf of the City because of its deep knowledge of Richmond. RBG's CEO and Founder Robert C. Bobb served as City Manager of Richmond for 11 years. RBG has been able to bring its strategic leadership and deep understanding to the project to assist the City in transforming its daily operations to meet and exceed short- and long-term civic goals.

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