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RBG Data Records Management

The Robert Bobb Group (RBG) provides Records Management Solutions that assist government agencies to innovate and secure the millions of documents and records they administer daily. RBG envisions, plans, and designs management solutions with security as the focus, providing guidance on how best to make our clients' data accessible, available, confidential and reliable while in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

RBG can expertly manage data and information as a result of paperless and workflow initiatives, data conversions. repository changes, litigation, investigations, FOIA, and discovery requests. We set up proven systems to capture. store. consolidate, organize. categorize, and control all kinds of records and create workflows to improve records management business processes. By utilizing our superior processes. our clients' records and vital information are easier to find, and search results are more conclusive.

For more than a decade, RBG has provided its clients with customized tools

and strategies to help successfully deliver Records Management Services. It has developed training methodologies on Records Management Processes, customized Records Management Business Methods to increase efficiency and quality. and tailored Quality Control Tools to ensure data accuracy. These tools are modified to fit the record volumes, types, and series of our clients.


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