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Our consulting expertise allows us to assist our public and private sector clients with transcending challenging business obstacles for effective, successful results. We utilize a seamless approach and methodology that combines excellence in strategic planning, project execution, innovation, savvy leadership, and a deep-rooted commitment to providing exceptional service. 

At our core, we possess an array of extensive capabilities that enable us to drive significant fiscal, budgetary, and operational change for our clients. Our diverse clientele come from a range of industries, each with its unique needs and challenges. We take pride in providing tailored solutions that address their specific requirements and deliver measurable results.


Partnering with us means tapping into a wealth of expertise that can help transform your organization and take it to new heights of success.

Areas of Expertise

 Turnaround & Restructuring

  • Evaluate & Stabilize Operations

  • Crisis Review and Strategic Planning

  • Cost Savings Analysis

  • Revenue Enhancement Analysis

Financial & Budgeting Consulting

  • Debt Capital Advisory

  • Cash Management and Budget Creation

  • Audit

  • Transaction Analysis

Change Management

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Current State Assessment

  • Organizational Readiness Analysis

  • Change Impact Assessments

Economic Development Advisory

  • Economic Competitiveness Analysis

  • Community Competitiveness

  • Site/Business Analysis (Retention/Expansion)

  • Project Management 

Real Estate & Asset Management Advisory 

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Disposition and Acquisition Services

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis

  • Asset and Asset Management Analysis

Contracts & Negotiations Advisory

  • Government Business Negotiations

  • Municipal Conflict Negotiation and Resolution

  • Business Negotiations

Data & Records Management

  • Integrated Information Management

  • Scanning and Digital Transformation

  • Record Processing and Retention Schedules 

  • Project Management

Facilities & Supply Chain Management

  • Plan & Implement Supply Chain Strategy

  • Operations and Service Team Management

  • Business Processes and KPIs

  • Process Improvement Analysis and Recommendations

Cyber Security & Technology Management

  • Information Governance Consulting

  • Roadmaps & Forecasting

  • Cyber Security Assessment

  • Technology Resource Management

Crisis & Emergency Management

  • Risk & Resiliency Consulting

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Active Organization Preparedness 

  • Business Impact Assessment

Homeland Security

  • Municipal Policing and Public Safety Consulting

  • Emergency Communications Analysis

  • Executive Disaster Planning

Expert Witness Consulting

  • Independent Assessments

  • Evidence Assessments

  • Professional Recommendations

  • Project Management


•     Grant Management

•     Procurement Assistance

•     Inventory Management

•     Corrective Action Plan Consultation

Certified NAICS Codes


546110 / 541611 / 541612 / 541614 / 511614 / 541618 / 541690 / 541199 / 541211 / 531390 / 611430 / 922190

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